Friday, February 12, 2016


On Wednesday I didn't go to an event on Thursday I actually did. I'm very proud of me. I hurried Rocket through his walk and then stuck him in the car and drove back downtown and was late to the opening of the Hillary Clinton Raleigh Headquarters! It was very exciting and there as a great turnout. I was especially proud to see so many parents there with their little girls.

I even got a picture with the candidate!

I wish I was wearing my better coat and did something with my hair, I didn't know there would be photo ops. That blue coat is my dog walking coat, its not really what I would choose to wear for a social thing.

On Saturday they have a thing scheduled for 8:30 in the morning, I am feeling not really positive about my attendance at this. I am  all for Clinton, but dayum! 8:30 on a Saturday morning?! Jeezus. I looked it up and its part of the Moral Monday movement and while it starts at 8:30, it doesn't end until 1pm, so the good news is, I could still make a showing without having to get up at a gawd awful hour on a Saturday.

My normal schedule for Saturday is o sleep until I wake up, and then I do as much of nothing as I can for the rest of the day. I think my body and mind need the day of rest, I get a lot of bonding donewith the little animals and clear off my DVR.  Sunday I do chores and get up for Church and do things, Saturday is my day of rest.

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