Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Garden Update 2 2016

I did other things this weekend other than staying up late to watch The Oscars for you.

I did lots of laundry, I ran the dishwasher, I went to the store. Friday night I went to the pet food boutique and settled on a new food for for the cats. Its very nice and it is not expensive - more than the grocery store food, but not ridiculously pricey some of the other very expensive foods. Its the Bloomingdales of cat food.

The cats seem to like it and the litter box looks as it should and I think little kitty may be growing. He still weighs next to nothing, and he still hasn't learned how to leap over the baby gate! Score for me! Because he loves to explore and needs to be supervised. Big kitty and the dog are over it like gazelles, little kitty either doesn't watch and learn or he has kitty low self esteem about his abilities.

I also decided on Sunday that I would make a new garden. I have known for years, since the tree fell down, that the side of the yard where I put the garden years ago, was not really suitable. The other side of the yard is a much better choice and gets considerably better sunlight for a much longer time. Almost all day, not some of the day or even a good bit of the day, all day.

I looked at it today, and all but one bit, that is blocked by the shed, gets good sun. even this time of year. I will have to expand it a bit to one side, to make up for the dark corner. But its a good start and I am happy I did the work. When I thought about moving the garden to the better sun, I thought I was going to have to call everyone in to help but happily, as it turned out, it wasn't all that hard. It was hard but it wasn't group activity level hard.

First I cleared he area of rubbish, as it was the yard trash dump, and then i mowed the weeds and such down, twice, and then I pulled out the tiller and started tilling. I thought I had more room to work with, but I  am going to work with the space I have. When I was done tilling, I went and picked up some alfalfa pellets and a hundred and fifty pounds of manure . I love my wheel barrel.

I amended the soil and let it rest. I'm going to add more fertilizer and eventually lay down the drip hoses and get my garden going. This year I am buying my seedlings from a family that lives down the road from me. I am very excited. I think I will still get some from Wally, but I'm going to get new, fun veggies from the people down the way. Hopefully, celery root and cauliflower. I'm going to order container corn seeds from Burpee because I did that before and it worked well.

 I am going to continue using the garden annex,I had entertained the idea of maybe making it into a patio space but I think this year it is going to remain a garden. I am however, going to have the neighborhood yard man to remove the two shrubs from the space, because I want more room for planting in the short run and it will make it much more appropriate venue to be eventually turned into a patio in the long run.

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