Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Go Us!

Today I was  withher! I wantonly tore down a flyer for a  lame looking Bernie March ( and promptly threw it away in  a proper receptacle, because I'm not an animal) I found them here and there while Rocket and I were walking downtown, and I saw one that looked a little loose and I tore it off and threw it away. I felt very empowered. The other flyers, I just flipped off because I didn't want to be seen taking all of them down and that would be mean. I was just a little mean, a lot empowered. It was not the nicest thing I ever did,  but politics is a nasty business. I resisted the urge to wag my finger at the flyers them as I flipped them off - possibly missed opportunity there, but I will be downtown again and I will get my revenge.

Has anyone noticed that they are useing Saunders first name almost exclusively? Using a candidate's first name in their campaign material, on signs, in the media is something I associate with female candidates. When we talk about female candidates we always use their first  names. I don't entirely like it because I think its less then respectful  when  male candidates are always referred to by their last names.  Its different. I don't know if its because he is running againts a woman or they are trying to make him less old and male by associating him with a more feminine style.

I got my first push poll today. I told it I was a middle aged woman for Hillary and it ended abruptly. I got a call a few minutes later from an actual person who wanted me to participate in a thirty minute poll, I asked if I was going to get paid for my time and they said that wasn't possible. I also asked them how on earth a thirty minute phone poll ever got okayed and what a huge mistake this was to have let it out of committee. I told him I have a lot of really good opinions and I wish I had time to answer questions for a half an hour but I don't. I wished him luck getting anyone to play with him.

Tomorrow, I;m going to be him, so I should have been nicer but gee whiz, a half an hour phone poll? I also saw my first Hillary ad! Super good! Really pleased.Go Us!

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