Tuesday, March 8, 2016


What else did I do this weekend? I ate pretend meat - I think it was officially meant to be a vegan option, but in my world it was the Lenton option and it was surely a sacrifice! I was really hoping for some sort of fish thing or a crab cake or a nice clam chowder but I had to go with the Black Bean Burger.

It was supposed to be a burger and you could tell, that was what it was supposed to be, and if it had been a real burger that it would have been a fantastic burger! The guy there knows his grill! I think I'll go back and get a real burger, after Lent. I ate it and it wasn't the best meal I ever ate it wasn't gross and if I had to eat a black bean burger again, it would be hard to measure up to that one.

Not as much of a sacrifice? Unsweetened Almond Milk, its an experiment. It doesn't make the coffee as light as regular creamer though, but it tastes like its doing the job even if it doesn't look like its doing the job. Its also  supposed to be a healthier option,

I also bought some voting positive socks.  I am all about the GOTV, all the way to my socks. I'm going to wear them when I Dial for Democrats on Wednesday, you have to dress for the character! I am not a cold-calling girl, salesmanship is not really my bag. I don't like it, I wish I hadn't said yes, but I did and here we are, are we will be there on Wednesday night.but, Its so  important and it is only for a couple of hours and even if I hate every minute of it, and that is surely one of he multiple options for outcomes, its for a good cause and its a good Lenten activity anyway.

My socks rock though, so I will be happy with my socks at the very least and I will think about my socks when I am being hung up on and cursed at.  If all I do is remind people that we vote on the 15th, and that their vote, no matter who it is for - Well, if they are voting for Trump, maybe no so much, matters very much and they need to take advantage of what rights they have.

I am going to be so embaressed if Trump takes NC! Not as embarrassed as I would be if Sanders takes the state for the Dems, because I mean, really? . So I will make my calls and hope for the best.

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