Friday, April 22, 2016

Airhorn orchestra Week 2

I joined the airhorn orchestra for its second performance for the Governor.

I think there were a few new faces and new instruments. We have also collectively learned that the airhorns we used last week were lame and gave (some) of us frost bite! We spent the week thinking about what we want to use and many of us learned that most airhorns are kind of a bummer.

They don't last hardly any time at all and that really sucks, its no fun to just blow and go, you want to stand there for a good while and not just  BWEEEP and then go all flacid, its not a good message - you want something that is going to wail for a good while. This week there were a few trumpets, a coronet, a couple of vuvuzelas and many manual airhorns.  I need one. I used the piercing sound app from my phone, but it was unsatisfying. I knew it was  working, but it wasn't making enough sound! I need something like the alarm on my sump pump. It was truly vile and the loudest thing I have ever experienced.

Sadly, it is not mobile and I think I killed it anyway because it was so loud it was going to make me crazy and it was it or me and I am bigger and have access to tools . It needed a car battery to function anyway and I couldn't lug that whole thing around, I'm not that dedicated. So,  I need something else, something smaller and lighter and loud as hell.

I'm thinking a manual air horn, or a vuvuzela or maybe a used trumpet. Trumpets are really loud and worked great. I think they want us to use airhorns though because we are the Airhorn Orchestra after all. I'm going to go to Party City and check out the noise maker selection.

I have pictures but for whatever reason they aren't uploading to the cloud like they are supposed to. I'll post them later.

For whatever reason, this didn't post as planned. So, now its going to be for Friday and it has the few pictures I took at the demonstration, plus a couple of others.

And then I went to Wallyworld.  On the way I saw this

And at Wally, I bought these,

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