Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I complained to many different places and spoke to an actual person. Its about waiting now. Waiting and stewing.

I dropped Rocket off at daycare this morning for the first time over a month! We both missed those guys, Rocket now knows the building and was so excited to be there. It took him until we got into the parking lot before he began to get barky, but he knew where he was.  When I took him to the other location he would start barking when we were still a few minutes out. I am hoping to take him there more because they are in the planning stages of starting a pick up/ drop off service! This is key for Rocket going more often.

My elbow, despite being drained like a pond, is still fluffy. Its less fluffy than it was, but its filling again, slowly. The thing that is bothering me though, bursitis is supposed to hurt and my elbow and the fluffiness doesn't - it hurts where they hovered around with a knitting needle, but on its own, it doesn't hurt. I also hate all kinds of compression sleeves.

No one ever suggested a SMBD arrangement along the way and thats good because I am not into bondage at all! I'm also not into pain or being ordered around but I think my general non-compliance with the whole keep-the-compression-sleeve-on-all-the-time-except-when-bathing thing speaks to my disinterest in the BD part. I guess its a good thing to know about yourself.

Hillary just won New York! Yay! Suck it Gawker! So in the tank for Sanders! Go Hillary!!!!!

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