Monday, April 25, 2016

Garden Update 2016 4

Saturday Rocket and I went to the NC State Vets School annual open house and couldn't find anywhere to park in the parking garage and ended up getting more exercise than I had planned on. Rocket was also one of three dogs on site.

We've gone every year for several years and it's been very dog oriented but this year they seemed to have shifted the focus to the large animal side of vet practice. There were a lot more horses and cows there than in years past. If I wanted to shell out the $3, I could have milked a cow - which I would be kind of excited to do but I had Rocket and it wasn't an option. I did get to gawk at the mini-horses and that was very fun. Rocket showed off by easily making a clean jump over a jump they had set up for a demonstration for the horses. My big  dog was better at it than their little horses.

Then we went to Dix and wandered around and had a good time and came home and rested up and ate dinner and then we walked downtown and visited a festival on Fayetteville Street, drunk people are huge admirers of weims and of Rocket in particular. We had a good time and made my Fitbit very happy.

Sunday, I picked up part 1 of my veggies. They are very nice plants, they are also very young, very small plants and that is a little concerning for me as the wee plants get eaten and can't recover. I bought the plants from a  very groovy, very granola couple who raised the plants in in pristine organic environment and I hit them with a heavy duty pesticide about three seconds after I got them in the ground. Welcome home babies!

Celery root

 Celery root planted

 Peppers planted
Canary Bell x1 Corno Di Tora Giallo x1 Etuda Pepper x1 Jimmy Nardello x1 Quadrato D'as ti Ross X1 World Beater Sweet pepper x1 Midnight dreams x1

Peppers and Tomatoes

Tomatoes planted
Amazon Chocolate x1 Cherokee Purple x1 Paul Robeson x2 Italian Heirloom x1

I also planted container corn and probably too much spaghetti squash in between the peppers and tomatoes. Next weekend I'm expecting some paste tomatoes, the other ones are mostly slicing varieties.I'm going to get more run of the mill pepper varieties from Home Depot. Yay for this years harvest!!!

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