Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I don't have much to say, except, I took a shower Sunday night with Little Kitty.

Think on the cuteness! I was getting ready to get my shower on and the kitty was in the room., I got ready to close the door and the kitty wouldn't leave. I said "Look kitty, I'm going to take a shower, its going to get very different in here. I'm going to turn on the tap and it will be a whole new world. I don't think you are going to want to experience it."

But he stayed! I looked down and he was hanging out on the edge of the rub between the plastic curtain and the shower curtain and he just wandered back and forth the whole time! So cute! I don't have any pictures of course, because even I don't bring my camera into the shower. Just think: The cutest thing ever.

Monday night instead of writing a real entry I went to Target and Dicks searching for an air horn. I found on at Dicks as well as a life guard whistle. This time I bought a big girl air horn, none of that  cute little air horn business, the  new one has lasting power. Note to self, bring work gloves because the bigger the air horn the more of your hand will end up with frost bite.

 I forgot to go to Party City over the weekend and that was a mistake. An expensive mistake! Party City will sell me a manual air horn that is cheaper and lasts indefinitely. Note to self : PARTY CITY BITCH .

One of my baby celery root plants has already died. It was too young and too wee and I;m not entirely surprised. The rest seem to be okay, so far. Let us pray.

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