Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I'm watching Tiny House Hunters. I hate THH. I hate them and I think most of them are either mentally ill or so easily manipulated that they need to be supervised full time. Just buy an RV you idiots! You are not in a Richard Linklater film! You aren't special or different or interesting! You think you are too good to live in a trailer. If you want  a small house that you can travel from place to place in, get an RV. Grow Up.

I spoke with a very mentally ill man today. he called the 800  number eighteen times on Sunday alone. Every message was exactly the same, word for word.

They tortured our toddler, our baby our two year old. They put him under a train so nobody would know. When they get out of jail, we want you to hunt them down and murder them so we don't have to see them at the grocery buying food and supplies.

I looked it up online to see if it was lyrics because his cadence was somewhat sing songy and I thought maybe it was a song, or a portion of a song. I got instead many instances of toddlers being shoved in front of trains. Happy Monday.

He called back later in the morning and I spoke with him. I thought I recognized his voice from prior repetitive calls earlier in the year. He calls over and over again with the same complaint word for word for word and then he hangs up. He has no complaints of the care he is receiving at the mental hospital he lives in however,  he wants to be in a different mental hospital in a different state, he has been in many other mental hospitals in many other states and he would prefer one on the east coast or Hawaii or out in California. He's in his thirties.

This time however, he was upset for a good reason and he was right to call and complain to us. If he was less sick he could have told us what was wrong. He can and will actually talk to you but its hard and he's so ill. He finally spoke to a SW and she found out his actual issues, apart from imaginary toddlers. I hope we can help him.

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