Friday, April 8, 2016


And its Friday.  At last. My elbow is still puffy. I had to wear gloves and a hat to walk the dog two mornings this week! I am supposed to be getting my garden ready to be planted and I can not be wearing mittens to while I am doing this.

I'm also not sure I should be tilling and gardening with my elbow all puffy, it doesn't hurt, but I blame every twinge on it though. anywhere, if my knee hurts it's the elbows fault, if I get a headache, its certainly the elbow! Bad hair day? ELBOW!!!!

 I'm not even sure what it supposed to feel like if its going down hill, I still have good range of motion and its not in the way all the time. The compression sleeve makes it red from the contact and that makes me think its getting ill,   although, I doubt it, if  it was really inflamed and infected, according to my research: it would be bright red, hot to the touch and hurt like a bitch .I am taking it back to the doctor next week so I can be sure that its going to completely heal up sometime mid week. Which would be welcome, because its hard to feel, um, not like a person with a puffy elbow when you have a puffy elbow.

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