Thursday, April 7, 2016


I picked Wednesday as Go to Target Day. I went to Wally over lunch and that warmed me up for the trip to Target later. Rocket and I didn't get a walk but I did do a lot of wandering around while I was shopping, and Rocket loves hanging out in the car, so I count it as a win. My fitbit can bite me.

I didn't do too much wandering around at Target. They got my heart rate going  though,and gave me a scare when I went to the counter. I walked up and gave them Rockets name and waited. The clerk typed, typed, typed. I said I had been there already on  Sunday and there had been a problem and I had to come back... it was left unsaid that this time, I was not coming back again and I would be getting these meds today... I was thisclose to full toddler.

The clerk  sent me away to study the display of diet shakes. She looked at the price and blanched. She went directly to the pharmacist who also, by the look on her face, seemed to remember me, and again I waited, my inner toddler doing vocal warmups and stretching out. I pretended to be very interested in the display of reading glasses. I waited some more. The more  time I had to be interested in things I don't need the longer I had to write the first draft of my complaint letter and settle on word choice and biting analogies and creative ways to express "burning down your store" without actually issuing  what could be mistaken as terroristic threat.

And she called my name and handed me my script. $28! Woo! The pharmacist put it "on a card", question, why don't they just do that? Why stress their clients out?  I put the toddler to bed with her binky and calmed  myself down. The tech told me it had been $171! If I had known that, I would have blown up the store - and the tech knew it. I imagine my file in the computer is red and blinky. Its a touch embaressing, but it gets the service that I, as a customer, deserve. If you don't flatten their tires when they are trying to roll over you, you get rolled over. Be prickly. Don't get rolled over.

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