Monday, April 11, 2016

R and R

I have to say. I appreciate  a weekend when I do a whole lot of nothing almost as much as I do a weekend where I do everything.

This weekend was a weekend where I got a whole lot of nothing done, I mean, I did laundry and dishes and vacuumed and put clothes away and puttered - but I didn't do any Jobs. I had none scheduled and I didn't find any work I thought needed doing.

Saturday it was very windy and cold and the dog was nuts and that was kind of the theme for the day, that was alleviated by my dad being in town and we hung out and had a nice dinner.

I am also up by two mice for the next little bit, they are quite and not bad house guest, thus far. I count them frequently. I have two cats and one dog and all of them love squeaky toys. Little kitty may be more of a hunter than his brothers and so I need to keep an eye on him and continue the mouse counts.

Sunday,  the wind had stopped and I kept up the no-hard-work policy I put into place on Saturday. I made pork tenderloin for dinner and took dog downtown for a lovely after dinner stroll.

I wanted a picture of him standing on the blockades, it turns out his Sit Stay is excellent, his Stand Stay needs work, lots and lots of work,

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