Wednesday, April 13, 2016


It rained all day and so no walk for Dog and I. Instead I went shopping and Dog got to spend some quality time in parking lots, which is almost as inspiring as a walk for him. It was a fulfilling evening for one and all.

I went to Big Lots and bought some bird seed for Tiny kitty and Ace because they  really like to watch birds and then I got a toy for Rocket because I felt bad about buying bird seed solely for the cats enjoyment and nothing for him. Because he knows and understands.

The next stop of the Tour Du Airhorn  took me to Dicks, where I finally managed to buy an air horn. Wally doesn't sell them or  did but didn't want me to buy one, Big Lots does not not sell them period and it was too late to get one from Amazon - although I could have and had it in two hours for free - I would have  had to spend $35 and that seems a lot for a thing I spent $9 for and got immediately - Three stores and two hours later invested in pursuit of said air horn. At least now I know where to buy one should I not  just buy the next one online, I have a baseline for price now at the very least. And they come in sizes, I didn't know that!  Well, you can buy "big" ones and "little" ones, I didn't see any middle sized ones. All or nothing I guess in the air horn game.

I went to the front and the clerk asked me what sport I was going to and I said I was going to the Governor's mansion to make noise and he said Oh, and then I said , holding up the air horn "This is what Democracy sounds like."  Because I am just that pretentious.

It finally stopped raining and I took Rocket for  a walk in the dark and it was nice.

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