Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Broken windows of the soul.

I took the dog for a walk on a slightly different route that took us around the edge of the warehouse district but not actually through it because we just did the warehouse district and it doesn't change that much that quickly- unless it does and then its over and you missed it.

We came home and I spent entirely too much time playing with some pictures I took along the way.  You can try out every available filter on the planet and its not going to turn a so-so shot into a museum piece. You can keep trying, but its not going to happen. Sometimes a not really good idea is just really a not very good idea and you need to move on. Really.

I didn't want to believe this. I wanted to play with the image until I exhausted all possibilities... I just knew the right setting was out there and I would find it.  You can not turn a sows ear into a silk purse. I tried though.

I took this through broken windows of an abandoned tire repair warehouse. It looked very promising, looks can be deceiving.  If I had been in the structure ( not safe), or the light had been better, or I had been there earlier, or there was something compelling in the frame... I tried! I was just really excited that both locations looked like you were looking in the hull of a sunken ship.

I like the top image the best, because I spent the most time massaging it.
Could not make this one happen.

And you will notice that Rocket isn't featured in either in either of those shots.

Find the weim in this one.

.After I spent so much time futzing with these, I finally noticed it was much too late to be playing around. I hadn't even decided what I was wearing to work tomorrow! and that was a carnival of over thinking, and then I had to decide if I was coming home for lunch tomorrow since I did not come home today, I really should come home because I'm not sure if Rocket is ready to go two days in a row on his own, so then I had to get my lunch together and if I was doing that I really should get the coffee ready for the morning and get my purse packed and ready for the morning And then, those chores accomplished, I was hungry - but I couldn't do anything about that because  recycling had piled up and the sink was full of dishes. So I took the recycling out, emptied the dishwasher, filled the dishwasher, ran the  garbage disposal, cleaned the sink -because now that I could see it it was gross. Then I had a snack. Grown up-ing is hard.

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