Wednesday, May 25, 2016


This morning I noticed my fitbit needed charging. I took the dog for his morning walk and when I came back, I put the fibit in its little charger and completely forgot about it! I was going to spend the day taking uncounted steps! I mean if I can't impress my fitbit with my dedication and desire to follow its rules about fitness and conform to its standards, whats the point? I know that my body  the effort but if you talk a walk and don't get credit for it, did you walk at all? Fitbit says No

Somewhere along the line I have allowed myself to become a borg. I go nowhere with my little electronic friend and I have allowed a pedometer to become my overlord and I like it.

Along with forgetting my master, I also forgot to keep in mind that its little rubber sleeve looks a lot like a cat toy. I hadn't thought about that before because I have been a dedicated fitbit user and it has't been far from me since I  got it for my birthday. When I came home from work to reborgify myself, the sleeve was gone.

I looked for it, but I doubt I'm going to see it again. Fortunately, I am not the only person who has lost their sleeve, apparently I am the only person who believes in concealed 'bit, many people don't hid their 'bit away,  they sell them in many colors and some people have whole wardrobes of sleeves to match their outfits, I think the 'bit is better when its kept out of sight, so that you may commune with it in private.

 A moment of silence for my little friend. I had to stop myself from apologizing to my master,  because its a pedometer .Until my new one arrives the 'bit is going to have to ride around in my bra. I don't dare slip it into a pocket because that way lies loss and washing machines. I couldn't bear that.

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