Monday, May 9, 2016

In sickness and in hell.

Okay.Here is the deal. Sunday night my computer told me it needed a "re-start",well, the computer itself did not make this request, one if the security programs I have in it - Useless POS - wanted a re-start and I said Sure Why Not? I'm going to bed anyway, Do yo thing!

Monday morning I turn it on and Windows asks for a password and I say I don't have a password! What password! What the fuck is this at not 6am in the morning! I don't need this shit.

And so I go Google on my phone " why is my machine being such a bitch to me?" It turns out it might have something maybe to do with Windows 10 - which I've  had for awhile and this is a new problem so I doubt it.

I Think my computer  caught  a virus and I can not deal. I went to work and waited around until the office supply place opened  and I called them and told them my tale of woe and they said to stop talking because  they just couldn't  even with computer issues but the tech guy was due in at 11 and to call back and talk computer grossness with him.

I spoke with  him and he said bring it in after work  and whatever. I said cool. I brought it in after work,  and shockingly, it turns out his work day and the stores work day are not the same. He could have mentioned that but he didn't. Asshole. So I verbally abused another clerk, who I hope passes the beating on to him.

My laptop goes back to the see the wizard Tuesday.

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