Monday, May 9, 2016

Yard Crasher

With the vegetable garden getting more and more towards finished - its never ending this year! I'm still pleased I bought my starter plants locally, but I wish they had been started a leetle earlier and they may have been a leetle older when I got them and they may have been a leetle stronger than they turned out to be.

The tomatoes are all uniformly doing well. The remaining celery root plants are  still growing, but they were way too young when I took them home. I lost two of them early and of the two remaining only one seems to be thriving, the other just looks like it may just be humoring me.

I've bought four more pepper plants because a couple of my original plants were non-starters and I wanted more peppers anyway. I still want two more and I may get more tomatoes too.

 The vegetable gardens have been taking up a lot of my time, but I decided it was time to think about more decorative plants . The front porch is out on display and it looks not at all decorative, which is not okay. The elephant ear from last year is doing land office business and I added another younger plant because they are low maintenance and I think they're pretty. I also picked up a bleeding heart plant and made up a couple of  hanging baskets from some bedding plants and a couple more in the backyard with lantana plants. The birds and squirrels are very excited by my existing bird feeder, so I bought another one that is less squirrel friendly.

When I wasn't planting, I was mowing and trimming. Both yards look much sharper now.

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