Friday, May 20, 2016

Once more with feeling.

Excuses for not writing an entry again

1. I had set my new wallpaper and screen savers on Windows 10!

1a - It rained again and that does not make me feel ambitious.

2. I had an eye doctor appointment after work and she was running behind, afterwards on the ride home it was over cast so I wasn't really bothered by my dilated pupils, however, I have never noticed how bright red and green lights are. Stunningly so.

2a. I had to get take out for dinner and that maked me feel sluggish and lacking in creativity.

3. The dog needed a long walk to make up for no walk yesterday.

3a. I over came my sluggishness and lack of ambition but now I was physically exhausted.

4. I had to go to Target/CVS to pick up that same dogs medication. The first price they quoted was twice was it was last month, which as twice what it was the month before. I was feeling the top of my head peeling away from my skull as I handed her my GoodRX card and she scurried away to the back and spent a long time playing with a computer. She finally returned as the top of my head was counting down for blast off, and told me it was now $27.

4a. The trash does not take itself out and the dishwasher does not have an auto-fill setting.

5. Have you ever had a very tiny kitty? They force you to play laser with them. Brutal task masters.

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