Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Well, um.

I have really good excuses for not posting a realentry

1. The orchestra had its seventh performance and so I was busy with that . I took a few pictures and I had to upload those to the orchestras Facebook  <I>useing my phone<I>  so that ate time and was stressful.

2. I had to play laser toy with the cats, mostly Tiny,  because Ace isn't as interested, and then I had to take pictures if the cats, mostly Tiny - no favoritism! I already have a Cats Blogging for Ace for this week. Very time consuming!

3.  My computer is updating itself to Windows 10 and that is time consuming and makes it so I can't  use it for other purposes.

4. I had to collect stinky cat litter and carpet bomb Ratville. Ew. Time consuming and just <I>blech<I>, first collecting it and then distributing it. It was that or drop fliers earning them of the coming rat apocalypse. Again,blech.

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