Wednesday, May 4, 2016


It is raining. I am watching TV and wondering how hard it has to rain before it counts as a solid.

The dog comes up and says

I want to go out

 and I say "its raining"

He seems to understand and he wanders away, probably to eat some more cat food.

I go back to my TV show

Rocket comes back

I need to go outside

I say "its still raining". SO much rain.

He sighs and goes back to chasing flies, his new hobby. Its also a good work out for days we can't walk.

He comes back.

I have to go outside

Out we go, to the carport because. I am not a monster and also I wanted to check on my tiny plants. Saddness, they were never meant to be treated like this.

It is pouring rain. Everywhere. In the backyard, in the front yard, along the side of the house. He was so sad! He just stood there and paced around and looked out to the yard and just looked crushed!  I felt so bad! He kept looking at me so beseechingly to just make it stop! normally he's pretty good about either dashing out into the weather to take care of his business or utilizing the carport. He was just not feeling it this time.

 Instead of a nice long walk, I went to Wally and he sat in the car, later we walked around the block and he finally stopped looking at me like I had made it rain on his parade.

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