Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I finally put my Christmas tree away.

I wanted to be open about it and own it, I mean, I am not proud of the tree being downstairs for months. but in my defence, it is in a bag and the bag was, for at least the last couple of months, not in the middle of the living room. I did finally move it to the bedroom, so it was not completely in the way.

Now it is completely in the attic and I got it up there all by myself!  Yay! It was not as heavy or difficult to move as I thought it was going to be and I wish I had done it a long time ago/ Now my attic is completely impassable and I hope I don't need anything immediately because it's not going to happen until Christmas!

However, what I lost in the attic I gained in the downstairs bedroom. Its back to being a bedroom! Which means that I can go back to using it as it was meant to be! No more storage locker! I got rid of of clutter, moved the dogs clunky metal crate back under the bed where it belongs - where I found something else under the bed where it did not belong.

When Little Kitty was Baby Kitty, he had some very serious lower GI problem and he some shame issues with those problem and he wanted to hide his shame... I found some of his problem.. I learned that undisturbed problem doesn't have much of an odor- However, if you disturb the problem, it is overwhelmingly odoriferous and very, very disturbing.


The room looks and smells much better now. I also set the clock.

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