Monday, May 2, 2016


It would take too long to tell you what all I did this weekend, a lot or I could just make it a shorter story and show you what I did this weekend.


Ipicked up a couple of more pepper plants to replace my poor dead celery root plants. While I was at the store nursey, I decied that it was time to pretty up the place with flowers. I all ready had the baskets, I just needed something to put in them. I got a nice flowering plant that the store had stopped watering for half off. I bought two lantana plants that I hope do well. I also got a proper bird feeder so that the critters will stop running off with my bird seed. No one has touched the new one so far.

I saw a story on Bored Panda about sprucing up your fence, one of the things I figured I could do was putting bird houses on your fence. Practical bird houses are really too big and too expensive for me to use for the project, so I found wee ones at Michaels.

Those are in no order! They were born very boring white pine and then I primed them, but that wasn't really photogenic. Then I sprayed them spring colors - I am going to buy more of them , at $1 per, its not a big investment. I am however, going to pick up some brighter colors to spray them with. The pink and blue and lavender are a little baby showeresque. I painted the roofs black to butch them up a little. They were supposed to be a red color, but the can was defective! Now I know why it was on sale. If I had  paid full retail for it, I'm not taking it back because 1) $3.89 and 2) Dealing with Wally.  It just isn't worth my time or aggravation. I think they look nice  enough with the black roofs.

Saturday morning I went to the RV place I drive past every time I go to Wally . The RV place was having an open house and I decided it would be fun to go see them, it was really fun and I got a free hotdog and a couple of wings. I also found the RV I would buy if I wanted to buy an RV. I don't want or need such a thing to at this point in my life, but its nice to know that if I ever do need an RV in my life, I won't have to shop around,

Winnebago Winnie Drop

Sunday, I took Rocket for a walk to what used to be the Warehouse District and what is now The Rubble District. Rocket had a very good time.

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