Wednesday, June 1, 2016

And we're back. Yay!

Dog-Dog and the kitties had a great visit and we all had a very relaxing time, its always nice to get away and change things up, if even for a short time. Its very refreshing.

Sam's Club welcomed me back with my new glasses! I love my new purple frames! OMG! So Kewl! So happy!

When I found my daily frames I also found a pair I wanted to use for working on the computer, these are significantly not purple or as mildly interesting as they looked before. Its hard to tell because they don't really correct my vision.

They just don't work on any level, they don't work as decorative  and they don't work as practical items either. I can't read with them and my vision changes depending on where in the lens I am looking - these are single vision glasses! So much went wrong. I have to take them back to the doctor to see where the script went wrong - Super awesome under the best circumstances but she's only in the office a couple of days a week and the next day she's in, I have another appointment and I'm not going to be available. Its going to to another week before I can get them checked and then another week after that before I'll have them back and all that is best case scenario timing.


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