Thursday, June 2, 2016


In honor of pay day, I bought myself some toys. I  bought a snazzy new floor fan that I had to put together myself, and it was hard and the only instructions were a list of bits of plastic that they were hopeful were included. The list did not mention that the base could be bent and that because its made of nothing, it can easily be bent back, but I don't want to have to bend something back to flat. Its unnerving.

It may have been a little bent, but it works, no fan has ever transformed hot stagnant air, into flowing hot air, so amazingly well or with so little shaking or squeaking or shuddering .

While I was at Big Lots fan shopping, I wandered past the As Seen On TV shelf and found this little beauty.

I had been seeing articles  about Zucchini Noodles and I was intrigued . I'm not actually a zucchini fan per say, but I was a huge fan of noodles and I miss them terribly, so if I can experience noodle-y goodness with out the noodle-y badness, I want in.

In that vein, I planted a few spaghetti squash plants with the hope that at least one or two would thrive. I put a couple in a container because I ran out of space in the ground and I wondered how they would do...

They are doing just fine, thank you. The plants in the container are out performing their cohorts in the ground. My corn plants are feeling a little squashed by the squash though.

Air Horn Orchestra, week 8. High Lights.

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