Friday, June 3, 2016

Garden Update 6 2016

This is the larger of my two surviving celery roots. Its really doing well! The wee one seems to have gotten the whole growing and doing thing down finally too and its starting to grow and develop like a healthy plant. And then there is

My Cherokee, its hurting! Half of it seems to be doing business bu the other half is wilting and sad. I don't understand whats wrong with it, I gave it some tomato sticks to help it along but I think its in bad shape. If it doesn't get better I'm going to pull it out and try to find another one like it. I finally got tired of replanting dead peppers and put in a Lantana instead.

These the tomato plants I bought locally, they are still a little small but they seem to doing alright, with the exception of the Cherokee, they are doing okay. I in the background, those very large leaves belong to three squash plants that are finally doing their thing)

These belong to one of the store bought plants, I have two so far that are producing. They seem healthy and growing well.

Growing well, but not tall. They are all short and chunky. They all seem to be growing out but not up, so different then my plants in years past. It might have something to do with the extra sunlight they get in the new space. In the other garden the plants grew tall and thin, these guys are completely different . I only see a total of four fruits  on two plants,  both store bought.

Peppers in tomato garden garden, not growing much but doing better than the peppers  in the satellite garden, two are being eaten. I fell down on my spraying routine and now my plants are paying.

This is a squash, the smallest plant of all of them.

 The tall thin leaves belong to my corn, poor corn! I thought it would out grow the squash but its been on the wrong side the whole time.

I think this is two squash plants! They are doing this in a container! The ones I have in the ground have finally started to stretch out but not like these guys.

 I'm so proud of these guys! I got them for half off at Home Depot because they got tired of watering them. I repotted them and look at them now.

This plant is on the block every year and every year it does that and saves itself. I wish it flowered better though, I bought a sexy variety and I should have just planted the normal kind, it would be twice the size and have four times the blooms.

Look at all the baby ones! I'm proud of this plant.

But not as proud of this one, it went through the winter on it sown and outside and has continued to kick much ass into the spring.

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