Monday, June 6, 2016


Friday I went to First Fridays and scored a wonderful  ( free!) chair massage that made the whole week go away, it made me think I need to do that more often. I think I'll keep an eye on groupon to see what they have on tap. I also got a big handful of fancy sunscreens and several testers of fab pastries - I went to a local small business open house and several caterers were represented. I'm glad I went.

Saturday I went to the annual Larkspur Party and had a great time, I didn't buy anything, which is both good and bad because its a good drive out there and I hate to go all that way and not  get anything! I then went to lick my wounds at a near by pricey nursery for replacement veggies, but they were out. I then went to another very expensive nursery and picked up some good new peppers and a replacement tomato and some Queen Anne Lace seeds I planted out front.

In the afternoon, Rocket and I went to an Open House/ Sale/Anniversary Party for a pet supply place downtown. We both feasted on ice creams and I picked up some high quality toys for him ( well, some were high quality, some lied) I complained about one of them to the maker and signed up to be a Toy Tester, every month I get half off one of their toys and I fill out a questionnaire about how my dog played with it and how fast he destroyed it.

I made the move to my summer quarters and slept so much better than I have lately, I really waited too long! The animals also seem happier. Next step would be turning the A/C on for the season but I would like to hold off as long as possible before I start the high electric bills. Its not all that hot, its the endless rain and attendant humidity that has made this spring so gross and the air to be so clingy and uncomfortable.

My plants, with the exception of the elephant ears, are not happy with the humidity and the non-stop pounding rains. I started out with these really different and interesting locally sourced  heirloom peppers and tomatoes that I was really looking forward to raising and as it turned out, they aren't happy with the environment or modern times or today's fungus or twenty first century insects in general. I took the last three sickly  pepper plants out of the ground today and replaced them with thoroughly modern varieties from Lowes ( I still have three of the tomatoes in the ground and they seem okay, right now). It was an expensive experiment and next year I'm not going to go back to that source, well, except for maybe celery root because the two or the four I started with are doing fine (finally) and I have never seen it in the stores or the farmers market or even the catalogs.

This is the latest in the year I have been still planting veggies, its going to extend the season by quite a bit which is both good and bad, our fall is really warm but it means I'll be doing garden chores into the early winter. It doesn't matter when I  schedule vacation, I'm going to be on vacation when  most of the plants are at their high season.

 New peppers

A single zucchini plant. I said why not? It turns out I really enjoy spiralized  zucchini faux pasta.   One plant can only produce sop many zukes.

a very young, probably not going to make it pepper. I started counting plants and I have a lot of tomato plants, I don't even eat them and I don't use them much either! Its nice to give them away but come on. I went out and loaded up on more peppers because I actually eat them myself and use them all year.

I learned that it takes more than a single zuke to make a serving of fauxpasta. They are also very water based and they really cook down to almost nothing.

This is two  small zukes, this was a good serving, I have a single zuke left and that one I am going to take the peal off and boil the fauxpasta.

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