Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I really have nothing. I was very happy to not get rained on taking Rocket for his walk this evening. We got soaked on Sunday and neither of us thought it was romantic or fun.We thought it was wet and tragic.

It looked like rain this evening, and we were worried. We worried for nothing and the rain hasn't started yet - and may not, any rain might fall Tuesday. There is a storm out in the water somewhere but its not going to bother us here in NC. I hope to gawd so! We've already had the rain and we do not need more right now. Thanks.

And of course its now POURING. I had just checked NOAA and it said it might rain Tuesday, maybe. Lie-ing sack of shite! If you can't trust NOAA who can you trust?! I mean really!? I was expecting up-to-the-minute info from these people and they couldn't tell me it was going to start raining hard in a few minutes? Lame.

 Just in case, I  went to the basement and spot tested the pump to make sure its in position to pump like a  male whore if it needs to, and it passed the test.  Thankfully, because it has failed to work it in the past when called upon, and it ends badly for me.

On to happier things. I made my third zuke meal - I ate so much zucchini over the weekend! I like invested my own zuke diet, all zukes all the time.  This third one, I treated all the way like pasta, I peeled the green off it and then boiled it like normal pasta. I think this is how I'll do it in the future, but for longer, like real pasta. It gets softer the longer it goes - but not over about eight minutes.

It does not look great, because there isn't that much of it, but it was good and damn near pastarific.

Look at all those vegetables!

On our walk I saw this hipster who I'm pretty sure lives a couple of blocks from me.

This guy paid a fortune for his house and the cops still won't roust street people from taking up residence where ever they feel like. Today one is nesting at the end of my street, it took two visits from the cops to get him moved. I would gather that in the historic district one call would have done it all and gotten him and his smart mouth arrested for trespassing and he would not be back. White Privilege.

The sad thing is, my black neighbor called and had to call twice to get a car out, and then he left without making the guy leave , that neighbor texted me and I made one call and a car was there pronto and he made the guy take off. The first time the guy told him he was "waiting for a bus", where?  Its in front of the gas station, the bus doesn't even go down my street  and that cop knows it!  He's gone now but I'm sure he'll be back.

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