Tuesday, June 14, 2016


And how was your day? Mine sucked and it was expensive. Super awesome!

It started out good, better than good : I took the dog out for his final pee of the morning and he peed, immediately! Normally we have to tour the entire property before he will finally decide that he is is ready to do the deed and this makes me crazy. But today, today he went out and did his thing and let me get the rest of my day started.

The plan was since I didn't have to walk the fence line with Rocket all morning, I was going to go to work early and get in a nice, leisurely walk around campus before starting my day, calmly, centered and ready to work.

It was not to be.

The car wouldn't start. And it wouldn't start and it wouldn't start. I have to be at my desk at 7am and this was not going to work for me or my pre-work walk I had scheduled. I dug my AAA card out of my wallet and found it - dated 2015,

I tore back into the house and into the front entry way. I saw an envelope from AAA the other day and it was still there. With a card.

I called the number and THANK YOU JESUS my membership is current and a truck was on its way. My battery, which I apparently, got from them back in 2012, was truly dead. It was also a year out of warranty - however, I did get a discount on my new battery and that made me happy. I love AAA, they came when I called and fixed my problem.

And then I went to work. I got a call from Time Warner letting me know they were setting up a visit from a technician to pull the plug on me because of non-payment! I said, Non -payment? Um. I have auto pay bitch! I did have auto pay and hen the credit card company kindly decided that because other people had issues with Target/Home Depot et al, so we all needed the upheaval of a new card number.

I got a notice about that a couple of months ago and I called the company and paid it and gave them the new number and assumed that once they had the new number, they would use it.



I paid the bill and made sure the technician was rescheduled to bother someone else. Customer Service and I will be chatting.

And then I had the opportunity to use my new med for my weird migraines. Yeah. Bad idea. It stopped the weirdness, but I spent the rest of the day and into the evening in a state of being off. My arm hurt and my jaw wanted to be clenched and I was really tired. I'm going to call the office and tell them this isn't going to work.

And I got home from work and found that when I went into the front entry way to get my AAA mail, that Tiny kitty had followed me in there and  when I went to call them, he stayed behind. He was closed in that tiny room all day without a litter box or food or water! The poor baby!

Monday. All day.

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