Thursday, July 14, 2016

Air horn Orchestra Week 14

I have to admit, I was suffering from air horn ennui. Its hot outside now and standing in the sun bleeting is not as fun as it was. People started going on vacation, we had a memorial for the people who died in Orlando and the drums sounded like gun shots, then the General Assembly went home without overturning HB2. The summer was shaping up to be long and hot and pointless.

What's the point. No one is listening, the crowd is thinning and there are a lot of things to be outraged about- and to be honest? Standing around in the sun dressed in black is not a great time. Its hard to care as deeply about it as necessary when something new and more awful seems to happen every day.

And then.

Canceled Party  . A progressive group had rented out the mansion for a party - this is done by many non-profits, its a common thing and it's not real expensive. The group is also involved with the Air horn orchestra. But the AHO was not a party to then contract for the space, did not sign, was not named and was not part of it. The Governor's office canceled the party due  to a Face Book post by a member of AHO about the party  and summarily  canceled the other groups event - That I was going to attend, it was going to be fun and a change of pace from the somewhat moribund honking week after week.

Two hours before the event The Progressive group was contacted by the Governor's office that their formal, written guest list of two hundred and fifty people needed to be pared down to fifty - and this was done and then the the Governor's Office canceled it, by claiming they were in breach of contract. They weren't.

Suddenly, instead of another week of bleeting at windmills, the press trucks are back and the TV cameras are back and suddenly, we are interesting again! We have been dissed! Not only are we not just honking into the ether, We are actually annoying Pat! He knows we're here and he DOESN'T LIKE IT! He Blinked!

OMG! How wonderful! He cares! He cares so I care again! This isn't just making noise to make noise! We're making noise to irritate Pat and its WORKING

The press trucks were there and the cameras and the talking heads. It was like a refreshing breeze! There was a really nice turn out too, the last couple of weeks the head count had been dwindling and we were sounding a little peaky. This week we ROCKED! We're back baby! Thanks Pat!

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