Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Baby Dog!!!!

Today (July 12) is Rockets 4th Birthday! And in honor of his birthday I completely forgot to get him a new toy, a birthday cake,  a party hat or a badge or anything remotely festive. Over the weekend I'll try to do something a little more instagram ready.

Also, I don't think he's really into all that stuff anyway. I mean, 1) he's a dog and 2) he's a grown ass man now, shit, that kind of goings on is fine for puppies but he's grown now and not really all that excited by ... "What? Is that ice cream!? Oh Happy Day!! Happy Birthday To ME!!!"

I went by his favorite store downtown, Unleashed, and they gave him a  special Birthday  frosted dog cookie plus two containers of Sweetspots Doggie Ice Cream. He was overjoyed by the fancy frosted cookie - but was not expecting  that life could get significantly better...

I brought it inside and very responsibly placed it in his bowl. The little cat came to see what was going on and to sample some, because Rocket is normally very generous with his food. The kitty must have came a little too close to the treat, because Rocket picked it up and moved it to the living room, where he very neatly ate everything but the wrapper, by himself.

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