Monday, July 11, 2016


Did a whole lot of nothing - "Nothing" as defined by "got chores done", slept late, watched a lot of TV". With the exception of a couple of hours Sunday evening when I bonded with a group of newcomers to the neighborhood, it was fun and they were nice, and they all paid a huge amount for their houses. Ta da. I hope we do it again because it was really nice to get to meet them and I would like to see them again. Facebook is our friend.

Otherwise, no fun was had by me. I almost killed myself mowing the front yard and I did a lot of laundry - because last weekend most of the laundry I did was so I could finally give away a bunch of clothes I cleaned out of my drawers and closets and had thought I would drop off at Goodwill, oh, I don't know, a year ago - but didn't because I suck. They were in paper bags upstairs at the foot of my bed getting grosser and more cat haired by the day and out of nowhere last week,  I got a call from a woman's shelter looking for donations and I said "I might have some stuff:. I had six bags of clothes plus a handful of household goods that needed new homes. I spent last weekend washing everything and bagging it up and they picked it up Friday,

I made a list of fit all and got a receipt from the group. Yay me. Good for e, good for them. I'm happier and so are they.

Other than that and the almost fatal lawn mowing adventure, I did nada. I felt bad for a about ten minutes and then decided to just go with it. You can't do big jobs and get lots accomplished every weekend, sometimes you just watch TV and go to Walmart.

Also, it rained. Here is my weekend illustrated :

 There was an enormous cloud bank that did not want its picture taken, it was huge and looked like Mt. Rainier towering over the street - for a while, from some angles - clearly, not an angle it was successfully photographed from.

And then it got very dark and windy and  then it brightened a bit and it rained hard.

Sunday evening I took the dog downtown.

This was impossible to get a good picture of! Its really, really pretty in real life but I couldn't get a picture of it. Its on a motion activated switch and its a bunch of florescent lights hanging from the ceiling of a store front, I'm assuming its  supposed to be a Pride thing, but we can all appreciate the beauty of it. I bet at night it is stunning

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