Monday, August 22, 2016

Bye, bye Olympics.

There are a lot fewer ads in the closing ceremony. I think the parade of nations took a lot less time, so many fewer athletes stuck around.

I feel obligated to watch this. I watched  a lot of the beginning of the games but really slacked off at the end, it seemed like all I saw was meaningless early heats and I never got to see any races that actually meant anything. I might have enjoyed watching some of the equestrian things or some of the gymnasts that were not ours - but I understand that these are not unusual or unspoken complaints. I am not the only one who would like to see other countries compete - I don't need to see them do everything because I don't care that much, but it might be nice to see a little of these other countries.

We did see some other countries compete but at dumb moments, why feature meaningless early heats in swimming with other countries when we could have been watching our gymnasts winning gold? I would much rather watch someone win a medal than televise winnowing down in prime time- while necessary, is  not really entertaining or particularly good use of TV time. They wondered why their ratings were so bad.

But we did so good! We won so much! and did some a great job. We have so much to be proud of.  Weren't our swimmers awesome? And our gymnasts? and our track people? Everyone we sent did us proud ( more or less).  It was a terrific games for us. Screw you Trump. America wins, we are winners. We won over and over and over. Screw you.

But at the same time - why so much beach volley ball? They played for two full weeks! Did we need forty games? No!  Come on! We played those games because TV  liked seeing the women play in bikinis and the guys oiled up. Did every country have a team or three? Do we need beach volleyball as a medal sport? Do we need volley ball as a medal sport period? I think need to rethink some priorities.  Ping Pong?

I'm going to miss the summer games though. We always kick so much ass in the summer games, next up is the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Games  .

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