Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Monday.I should be doing things. I did manage to damage my dress this morning as I was getting into my car, that was an accomplishment! I had to spend the day with my sweater around my waist to camouflage my too deep slit in my skirt. It was tasteful until I got into the car and forgot that I needed to arrange the bottom of the dress a certain way or it would rip - and low and behold, fail to take precautions and it ripped!, right up the seem. It is now quite unseemly.

It's a  very nice dress and I'm hoping my Mom can repair it, and if I'm lucky, maybe she can rebuild  (costuming taught me the correct phrasing is not  "making a dress" it is "building a dress") it in such a way that she can add a little fabric to it to make it a leetle broader of beem. It is a designer dress , thank you, Adrianna Papell ( shockingly.without bangles or bling), bought it at the resale store at a deep discount and while it "fits", it doesn't fit-fit,  in that I can't wear it every day. Its actually started its life as a cocktail dress and it's really slumming coming to work with me. I think it tore out of protest.

It would be great to wear it this winter too, but it is sleeveless so I also need to find the exact  shrug, the fabric is not summer weight-  but that can be a project. I'm sot entirely sure it would lend itself to sleeve-life though.

I feel I should be packing, but at the same time, I have over a week and if I start the actual packing thing now, I know I'm going to just spend the rest of the time packing and unpacking and repacking  and that is how you lose things or end up bringing things you thought you decided you thought you changed your mind about and what about the item you actually really wanted to bring? Oh wait, that you left behind. I do need to get the dog things together and see what is in his backpack and what of that needs to make the trip, that would be a worthwhile job. I could also think about food for dog and the cats.

Tiny cat is going with, Ace is staying with Broskey and Alpha gal. Sniff. I already miss him! I think he knows something is up. He is acting all slinky and hidey and avoidy and its making me very tense. It might be because I flea treated him aggressively after finding one on on him and falling into a shame spiral on Saturday. He doesn't like flea treatment. Well, he shouldn't get fleas. and if he gets fleas, he should let me know before I find flea shite on my bedding and have to launder and vacuum my entire life.

Right now he is flea free and before he goes and is hous guest, he is going to get re-treated because there will be no subleting allowed.

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