Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Day 2 of the Toe Saga

It didn't fall off over night, the nail not the toe. Both are still very sturdy, from what I can tell from looking, I'm not much into touching any part of it and I don't think it wants that kind of relationship with me anyway, it wants to take it slow and I'm good with that because I find it really unattractive and I think it has a terrible personality and no sense of humor whatsoever. so the longer we can not take it to the Next Level the better.

The good news is, Day 2 is less gross then Day 1, so progress has been made. I've been keeping it covered, changing the dressing as needed, taking my antibiotics and wearing the shoe and soaking, lots of soaking - and its working. At the very least its less grisly. 

I could insert pictures here but I won't. But I could.

Currently, my main complaint is not toe related but that the tetanus shot site hurts a lot in a I-can't-lift-my-arm- I can't-reach-for-things way. Its not fun. its also not out of the ordinary either. It could be hurting ten days from now and still be with in normal limits! If I had known that it was going to hurt more than ripping a toe nail off, I would have lied about when I had my last one.

It rained so I couldn't walk, but I wouldn't have walked anyway, but the rain made me feel less guilty about not walking. I feel like I should explain to my fit bit about why I'm not getting the steps that it wants me to. I know its very disappointed with me. I wish there was somewhere to submit a letter of explanation to.

I did ride the exerbike, so I didn't just sit around, but still. I can feel myself getting fat.

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