Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Toe Saddness

I ripped the nail off of my big toe. I am bleeding.I think I should be prioritized over drug testing laborers. Urgent care payoffs.

So hours later. After spending hours at the urgent care where they did next to nothing for me . Times have changed since my last visit to an urgent care and my last tetanus shot ( hurting myself while in the service of the State of NC is responsible for two of my three life time tetanus shots), now they give you Tetanus-diphtheria-acellular Pertussis vaccine .

 I can see where I could pick up pertussis, because dipshits  don't vaccinate their kids, but diphtheria?  Is that a thing now? Do we worry about diphtheria now? Are dipshits giving us diphtheria now? Jeesus.

Anyway. The doctor at the urgent care gave me the choice of multiple shots into my toe that  he promised, would hurt ve that would hurt me badly, and then he would remove, with great pain to me, the teeny bit of the nail that is still attached or, I could have spent even more time at the office and soak my toe in some solution that eventually would cause the nail to painlessly fall off on its own or, I could go back to work and later, after work, soak it in a water and hydrogen peroxide solution over a few night and it would eventually, painlessly. fall off on its own.

Clearly, I went with the painlessly option. The problem is that "eventually" is a time frame without borders. I was not sent home with after care instructions past soaking it and waiting for the nail to fall off, what happens when that happens? Do I walk around with pulpy toe? Do you know what happens to pulpy toe? Every step is a chance to hurt yourself and so far, I have taken almost every opportunity to do so. The dog is an issue, the dog does not know or care about my toe.  I didn't notice how often during the course of a day that I habitually stub my toes and trip over nothing. I stub  one or the other, more the other, now that it hurts so damn much when I do it, over and over, its like some sort of  gate disturbance.

 I looked online and it would take up to eighteen months for the nail to regrow! I;m going to have to get some sort of toe brace, there is no other way to protect it from myself, the doc at the urgent care didn't even want me to bandage it! I;m going to end up with some sort of terrible toe infection or toe malformation. The end is nigh.

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