Monday, August 1, 2016


I think I had something deep and meaningful to inpart after the convention and the historic nomination of  Hillary Clinton for President and how important and fantastic for American women it is - Not so much for women worldwide, as world wide, women have been elected to such offices for decades and its just not that big a deal anymore, but for  us, this is a huge history making event.

Anyway. I'm sure I had something to say but then I bombed the house and spent too much time in the heat. I think the combination of the two caused brain damage.

My house and pets are much happier though. I gave the animals magic pills I got from the vet that killed the adult fleas on them and then I treated them with topical anti-flea that kills the eggs and infant fleas. I bombed the flock out the of the house and killed every living thing in it.

Oh, and remind me the next time my house has fleas? Just bomb it. Just bomb it becomes a problem and not waste the time I did with endless vacuuming and washing and spraying - with almost no change in the state of the flea population. Just. Bomb. It.

I took the dog to daycare and the cats to the mall with me. Later on, I mowed the lawn with the manual mower after the electric mower and I discovered to our shock, that the plug in at the front of the house no long works. Fortunately, the yard was at the right length that the manual mower was still an option, if I had waited another a couple of days that wouldn't have been the case. I;m going to have to mow every few days to keep being able to mow it myself with the manual mower and not have to pay the man to do it for me.

I did pay the man to mow the back yard for me. It needed to be whipped into shape and he has a gas powered weed whacker. It needed to be whacked and he whacked the hell out of it, It looks so much better now,

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