Tuesday, August 9, 2016


My plan for the evening was to soak my foot and watch the games, I was also supposed to go to my calisthenics class because its Monday and Monday is Calisthenics Day. I am growing to like calisthenics day because it makes me feel like I am getting in better shape. And then I miss a couple of weeks.

I was so going! I dressed out, I fed the dog early! But then it rained. Really hard. And thundered, a lot. And we do the class outside, or under a overhang and I just... my toe was throbbing...

I thought I was better than this. I really was planing on going and I even dressed out! It wasn't until it got black and the thunder started rolling and I know they have my email and they could text... But the class must have gone on. Sadly, without me, for the second week in a row. Next week, I'll be there, with a toe that isn't throbbing. And by that time I was dozing on the couch with dog, who was so sound asleep he didn't notice he was sharing the couch, normally he doesn't like sharing, he considers it to be very unfair, I thought it was lovely, and it was really pouring hard and the thunder was rolling and I was drowsy - I blame the antibiotic, and the dog was warm...

Instead of furiously doing sit ups. I powered cleaned my kitchen and upstairs bathroom because the minor irritating running toilet problem I was trying to pretend was not a problem was a very real problem that went being a little issue to a huge issue when I opened my water bill and suffered a TIA. I had to call the city first thing this morning and tell them that there was really no way that I was going to be able to pay their bill and that we were going to have to set up some sort of payment plan because yeah, no way.

And we did. They were shockingly cooperative.

My plumber was also shocking cooperative  about coming to fix the problems, which is why I was subject to the pop  house cleaning. I can send his bill to city and they will credit it to my bill. I told you, shockingly cooperative.

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