Monday, August 8, 2016


And what are you doing? I am watching the Olympics. I've been watching a lot of Olympics, I've been resting my toe and staying out of the heat. The dog doesn't really miss the daily walks because he doesn't like the heat at all and I have the exercise bike to keep me moving. This will be a short time break as the dog does not have an exerbike and he does need to keep moving,

For my part I mowed both yards with a manual push mower and got the jobs done. I didn't vacuum anything and I should have, but I just didn't feel like it.I felt like watching TV, I blame the antibiotic.

I am very excited that they are finally showing something I want to watch - no disrespect to volleyball, bike race, soccer game,  or anything that does not take place in a pool, a gymnastics event or a track field.

I like the divers. I was annoyed with the Chinese synchronized divers because they only spoke about the one diver and talked about how amazing she was and great her form was. There were TWO OF THEM and they moved TOGETHER. Why was she the amazing part of the team? I was confused. They were both perfect. Much, much more perfect than any of the other competitors by a long shot.

Go US swimmer who had a baby and came back and won a bronze! Go you!

And speaking of Female athletes that are playing their Woman Card -  how about that 41 year old gymnast? at 41 she's not just still running herself through her paces at a gym, puttering around to keep herself in some sort of shape, shes competing againts teenagers and not just at little regional meets, shes competing at the OLYMPICS. That means she out performs other gymnasts, all of whom are decades younger than she is at the international level. She is a machine.

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