Friday, September 30, 2016


So today there was an upper level pressure thing in our Cloud at work and so we couldn't work at work for hours . I did get some things I had wanted to get done prior to the storm, but I still got almost nothing done.

I was not happy. So I went house shopping and that was fun. I haven't gone house shopping in a long time and there were a lot of new places for me to see. I also raised my budget a little, so I have a larger net this time around - but not that much larger. I'm not going to actually get another house, but you never know when you might have to bounce (President Trump), so its good to have an exit plan in place. I at the very least have an idea in what direction I am going to run to (Go West!).

I have put some thought into this! I have thought about raising goats, however, goats need to be bought and paid for first and then they require land and land is expensive. They also need to be cared for and fed and they need some where to live - they could prove to be just too much of an investment right off the bat. There is also the Christmas tree farm idea, again, the need for land is a stumbling block. A lot of these plans also depend on my house here selling for a big chunk of change. I need to put more thought into my exit strategy .

Here are two of my favorites from today

Small but workable

Landed but Little

I don't know where either of these places are, I'm pretty much all about what they look like. Its not for real (Please baby Jebus!) so I don't have to worry about real life issues like proximity to stores or hospitals or churches or electricity or water  or sewage or customers any of those pesky  real life details.

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