Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tuesday and Wednesday

The thing about being gone for vacation for so long is that it thoroughly disrupts my routine. I came back and had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to be doing at a given time.

Monday - I knew I had that exercise class that I was into and liked - but it was lame and it had become progressively more lame and I have opted to not return. It started off strong but it had really lost its focus and morphed into a "dance" class. The instructors weren't actual instructors, they were just herbalife cultists and really were more about keeping the group moving for a set time before they launched into their Herbalife spiel  - than being interested in how the group was moving.

 I know nothing about exercise, but I do know that there is a right way to perform and exercise and a wrong way to perform the exercise  and if you do it  repeatedly you can hurt yourself . Also, the Herbalife lectures were getting longer and longer every week and the work out shorter and shorter.

I can look up calisthenics on You Tube  and do the same things in my living room and get actual instruction.

Tuesday. I have no idea what I did on Tuesday. Maybe nothing. I don't know. I know there is nothing on TV. This Tuesday, I paid the nice man to mow my front and back yards  and then I flea poisoned the back yard into a toxic mess. Good. I took the dog for a walk and came home and vacuumed everything that didn't move fast enough to get away from me. I don't think the fleas are living in the house, I think they are coming from the outside. They would be easier to get rid of if they were just inside the house. This weekend will be more vacuuming, laundering and bombing.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. I know that it is Airhorn.

And we didn't have Airhorn. I came home, changed clothes, put on my tee shirt and made dinner. I was ready to go and then I saw the post. No Airhorn! The first canceled performance in six months. It was supposed to rain, a lot. Hard. And it didn't. Not a drop. So instead I  flea poisoned both cats (Ace really hates this and has been giving me the side eye ever since) stripped the bed and ate dinner very early. I should have walked the dog, but instead I rode the exerbike while I watched it get very dark outside and threatening and binged on Veep.

I'm still not sure I like it. I like the people kind of, but so far every one works very hard except for the titiller Veep in question, who does very little work at all yet keeps an entire office of people furiously working. They also curse a lot but no one ever gets naked - which is good because none of these people need to be naked ever, which is how you can tell it's an old HBO show.

I think they curse more than is professionally acceptable in the work place and it wouldn't be okay at all, and that takes me out of the story. We curse in my office too, but its not  the same non-stop-curse-a-thon either. I'm hoping it's just because I'm only on the first season and the writers are all excited because they are on HBO and they can curse at will, like first year theatre students in their  first non -constrained by UIL  rules college monologues.  Blah.

On to watch more.

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