Thursday, October 13, 2016

Air Horn #27 #loud

Every day is about solving problems. Every problem solved is a problem solved, I don't "size" my problems, they are all problems, all equal in my eyes.

Today I dealt with the dirty dish problem and the empty the dishwasher problem and the laundry problem  as well as the  cleaning the refrigerator problem . I was very busy.

I also went to Air Horn where we  harassed some ladies and completely  ruined their evening in the mansion garden. Well, at first they thought we were entertaining but then then we just didn't stop and they tried to move to a different part of the garden to get further from the noise and we followed them because we can, and they didn't think we were quite as entertaining.

Last night I also thought I solved the publishing the entry problem but this morning I discovered Blogger did not publish the entry.

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