Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Baby steps.

I got my claim number today, which is progress,  I can't reach a real person, but I did finally get an email only a day later than promised so I have that to cling to. I should hear from an actual adjuster within 24-48 hours which isn't exactly speedy service but it's at least a time frame. I cleaned out the upstairs refrigerator and freezer and threw out the food and made lists for the insurance.

I bought paper plates and bowls and will adjust accordingly to my new no hot water, no dishwasher ( it works but it needs hot water) lifestyle. Next step is taking the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and putting them away and then thoroughly  rinsing off the dirty dishes I have accumulated and storing them in the dishwasher

I had my first real shower in days (thank you Aphagal and Brosky) and days and I feel so much better. I was going to come home and clean out the newly empty refrigerator but I felt too clean to do that so I will do that yucky job tomorrow when I am less freshly bathed.

I turned on my HVAC and it functioned! So that it s point for me! Something that was down there still works, so yay! I started looking at electric water heaters online.

Next up ; Laundry.

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