Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hurricane Mathew

So. It could have been worse, a lot worse. I need to  focus on what I need to do do now. I need a check list. I mean, I really need a check list, I need my insurance to come across with a checklist of things I need to do/can do over the next days.

I know I need to clean out the upstaires fridge and freezer. They were without power for a day and half and while I didn't open the doors during that time, I don't think it would be a good idea to eat the food any more.  I am also insured for the loss of the food so I need to get rid of the food and make a list of what I am throwing away. I need to do this soonest. I just can't bring myself to start this because I don't want to have no food in the house, it makes me depressed and hungry.

It will be a great opportunity to really  deep clean the fridge and freezer and they both so need it! I have wanted to for a while and it needs to get done in the worst way. Hopefully I will do this Tuesday - after I drive to my brother and sister and laws and take a shower.

I also need to find a friendly neighborhood laundromat where I can do my laundry and not get mugged. There is a perfectly good laundry on Hargett that is used frequently and works just fine but I've used it and felt like I was I was going to die any minute- totally unfair on my part, but it's gross and there's almost no parking. There is another one on New Bern that's nicer but its always full of screaming children, however, I've also been in there and I did not get the feeling I was going to die. So. There you go.

Everything is going to need to be replaced. The water heater, the freezer and the washer and drier. The basement space itself is filthy and everything in it will need to be removed and either cleaned or thrown out. Everything. There are a lot of things in there and all of them are filthy. The basement is another place that has been begging for a good deep cleaning and will be better after almost everything is thrown away.

And then after

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