Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lows. #loweshardwaresucks

Well that was a let down. I went to Lowes to buy my Brand New Washer and Dryer and came back with a head ache

It turns out if I wanted my BNWaD I would have to be willing to wait for a month to take delivery! I am not exactly ready to take possession right now, but I do not want to be running back and forth to the laundromat for a month. That is not okay.

They hadn't mentioned when I went window shopping that there was a chance that the model they showed me had availability problems. It was a great deal. It was too good a deal and I was roped in by it.

I came back on the last day of the sale and told the clerk that I wanted to buy this set. Ta da.

We went to a computer and he punched in the code and nada. Not a single Lowes in our area has it, Oh, sure I could drive an hour to go buy it in person - I don't have a real Lowes card yet, I used to, but I stopped carrying it after my purse got stolen and I decided to travel lighter and to stop casually carrying cards I rarely use, they now spend their time safely tucked away in my freezer until I need them; I so rarely used my Lowes card, they canceled it. So now I have a temporary card - not useable online, so no trip out of town for a washer and dryer.

I don't think I should have to travel for this anyway. Why can't the W&D come to me? That would be good customer service. You know what was bad customer service? Trying to upsell me on the next more expensive version.

No sale. I even tried to work with them.  I gave them choices : 1) "I would buy this other better model for the same price as the lesser model that you are making me wait on, because you made a bad faith mistake and you now owe me and you would do well to make me happy, 2) I will buy this available nicer model you are forcing on me, but at a discount because you care practicing bad customer service and there are laws againts bate and switch and that is what happened here. 3) Or I take my money and my good will and begin to draft my letter  of complaint to your corporate customer service department  before I clear the Lighting section

They should have called their manager and let he or she cut me a deal, because I'm sure it was within that person's authority to do that kind of thing.  They could have sold the product and kept the sale at their store and made a customer happy instead the floor staff decided that they didn't want any of these things and they let me and my money and my good will walk out the door.

Dear Sir or Madam...

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