Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mitigate This

After many conversations with the insurance people it was finally revealed that the water mitigation people were going to magically appear tomorrow! life could start again!  I could get my washer and dryer, I could get my water heater and maybe, I could get a new freezer! Lets get this party started!!

Cliche' sound of record scratching. Do you know how much water mitigation costs? A lot, a lot a lot. Do you know how much I'm getting from my insurance for this little adventure? Not a lot as it turns out - note to self, sit down insurance and fix that, next time this happens and you can be sure that this is going to happen again because  this shit happens, next time I want to be able to afford mitigation. Anyway,  this time around I can't afford water mitigation.

Not the fancy, top of the line gold standard version that my insurance set me up with anyway. If I went with the mitigation that was so kindly made available to me, I would have a super clean empty basement. I couldn't afford to replace anything. That's how I'm going to explain it to the guy when I call him tomorrow and cancel him.

I came home from work and worked like a dog. If you wondered how hard a dog would work if a dog went to work? A dog would work hard. A dog would be a very hard worker. Super diligent. This is what I got done in two hours. Imagine what I would have gotten accomplished if I had known over the weekend that they charged by how many trips up and down the stairs or whatever or how much stuff they had to remove. They charge too damn much regardless, I wish that had been made clearer to me at the start. They could have said : "You can have the basement cleaned out or you can replace your lost appliances and water heater you can not have both". My time management would have been different.

My Dad is coming up tomorrow and he's going to talk with the handy man down the street and they are going to negotiate finding some men to move the dead washer and dryer and freezer out and hopefully, the other things I couldn't get out because they were too big and heavy to do on my own. Then he's going to power wash with my brothers power washer, and we'll see what that leaves us with. My handyman down the street is already on the look out for a electrician to hook up my soon to be tankless water heater. And I'm going to talk to my insurance people again to see where my check is.

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