Monday, October 17, 2016

Post Matthew

The insurance adjusters came to my house and looked around were as horrified as I was. More so, because they told their boss I needed to move out!

I do not need to move out. I have pets, and clothes and a life. I do not need to go downstairs. I do however need my own shower, and now I have one.  The insurance people didn't insist that I actually stay at the hotel room they so kindly rented for me for a week,  so I go there every day and take a long, leisurely hot, hot, hot shower and I feel really good about using all the hot water. What I'm going to do after Thursday, I don't know. Check out would be Friday at 3pm, and I'm not available then so I'm going to have to turn my key in early.  I may have to keep the key card longer though if the promised water clean up crew doesn't get here soon. Because  if they don't get the place clean I can't pull the trigger on the water heater, no water heater no washer and dryer and then the freezer and then everything else. Also I need my check, first check then I can pull the trigger and start showering at my own house. And washing my dishes. And laundering my clothes.

I thought I was supposed to hear from them ( water clean up folks)  by today, Sunday, and I did not. I called my Insurance Desk Adjuster Saturday and they said the water people were very busy and I hadn't been scheduled, but they would be in touch. If they aren't in touch, they will be renting that room longer.

In the mean time, I have gone shopping for replacement appliances. I want a tankless water heater, however, this may be too expensive, I have to make some calls to see whats the what on that. I do know that I am absolutely dumping my gas line and going electric. I did some washer driver shopping and found  this little beauty and its dryer twin , I found mine at Lowes, new and for $50 more. But new damnit! I'm having second thoughts about the dryer. Dryers are dryers are dryers, I kind of think I could save a few dollars and get a still nice, but maybe not quite not as nice dryer that would still dry my clothes with fewer moving parts. I don't know, Maybe Lowes would do me a deal if I put it to them like that, I think they like keeping sets together.

I went in the basement to do some scavenging. Not everything down there was destroyed and not everything was in the way of the water. More than I thought, damn it, but not everything got wet and not everything that got wet was ruined. My tool chest did not get wet, nor did my other tools, so thats a win. I remembered, late, that I bought four deeply discounted green houses from Big Lots right after vacation and stored them under the stairs in the basement - they got wet. If I had pushed them to the rear of the stairs, I think the boxes might have survived but as it was, I didn't do that because WHY would have I done that? .

So, I got to spend Sunday afternoon wrestling rotting, soaked,  falling apart, stinky cardboard through my wet, nasty dark basement to the stairs and then getting the thousand pieces of the green house out of the box and up the stairs and out of the house and together. It helped enormously that everything in the rotting cardboard was in plastic bags.

Now I have four separate piles of green house to keep track of and I need to solve that. Any idea?

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