Friday, November 4, 2016


I took the dog for an early walk - a warm up for the really early walks that are going to be the new normal once the time changes, and came home to make a really nice dinner for myself as a bribe to make myself sit down and Dial for Democrats.

Well. I was going to make cheese sauce for my riced cauliflower and it was going to be really good and dinner was a going to be stunning. I was going to be so ready to make calls. Well. to make  cheese sauce you need butter, I got all the other ingredients  but not butter. I had but butter, but that was before I had to throw everything in the refrigerator out, and I guess I forgot about that. I just assumed  that since I had a refrigerator of course I had butter in it. So disappointing.

I sat down to make to make calls without being bribed into doing it. And I couldn't make the calls. I checked the email I got from my coordinator and she said she had me all set up to go and here I was ready to go and no-go. Thwarted again.

 I  think I'll do another load of laundry just because I can,  and then I'm going to put my pajamas on early and watch Project Runway.

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