Monday, November 7, 2016

The Annual Holiday To-Do List

I have two things I need to be working on now and I am not actively working on either. I have started some early work on the dog cookies - in that I ordered a sexy new dog paw  embossed rolling pin that will put dog paws on the dough! I saw them last year and really, really wanted to get one, but couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger, this year I'm looking at it as an investment in my cookies.  and I also ordered, but do not have yet, a  cookie cutter that will cut sixteen cookies at a go.  If this works it will be a Gawd send, as it is now, I cut each cookie by hand, 1200+ cookies, by hand, one by one by painful one. This is time consuming and very unergonomic and not the most fun.

The cookies will be smaller than I usually go with, but I have noted that most of the dogs I send cookies to are smallish dogs so it will be alright. Also? on a selfish level, the smaller the cookies, the more cookies get made the fewer overall I have to make. Ta da!

The other job that needs starting is the Christmas Card picture. I have the picture, I have hundreds of pictures, of two different trees - that part is done. The rest of the job is not done. I haven't picked The Picture, I haven't compulsively edited the picture, I haven't stressed about the picture. There is a lot to be done. Then I have to  figure out where to get the card made and  then have the card made, get it ordered and wait for for it to arrive and hope I don't hate it.

I have hated cards once I see them in real life and had to send them back and start over. If I don't get started on this soon I'm not going to have time to start over and do it all over again.

And? I now have a cold. Yay! I had a killer sore throat that has thankfully passed, now I just have fun coughing, stuffed up nose and sneezing. I blame the lovely ladies at work who don't wash their hands. Thanks Ladies!

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