Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vote for Hillary Clinton for President and all the dem candidates down ballot .

The phone has rung four times from various GOTV groups asking if  I have already voted and if I am going to vote and if I have a plan to vote, and if I am going to vote for Her...

No, I haven't voted yet,  why? I am a precinct officer and I think it would be bad form to not vote at my actual precinct. Yes, I am going to vote. Yes, I have a "plan": at 6:30 tomorrow morning, or a little before, I am going to wear white ( or as much white as I can wear, I am a complete disaster  and will ruin a white anything by 9am) so  I will be wearing white blouse and a black skirt, I am going to  drive the two blocks to my voting place and I am going to bring my slate card with me, and I  am going to vote for HER and all the down ticket Dems. Then I am going to go to work and spend the day worrying.

And then the doorbell rang I was sure it was some super earnest canvassers  and I was going to answer their questions and turn off my porch light as to not encourage more of them, and it instead it was instead my precinct chair! Who knew?! We chatted for a bit and  we agreed to visit more tomorrow at the polling place and we agreed it was too stressful.

I just sat with my voters registration card and my slate card and a highlighter and marked the candidates that are representing me, because its good to be prepared and I know I'm going to be all flustered when I go in tomorrow morning, I'm going to be under a lot of pressure trying to save the world, but I'm up to it because I am a NASTY WOMAN and if it was physically possible for me to VOTE WITH MY VAGINA I would.  I will give you Hill. Damn it.

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