Thursday, December 15, 2016

Don't mess with a mess.

I took time to argue with an old friend on Facebook about why Trump is evil - I actually have an old friend who does not think Trump is evil - I think he must have suffered a head injury some time after I knew him, he used to be a nice boy, a really promising artist.

And now he's an asshole who sells autographs - Protip, don't buy autographs from an artist. He said that he couldn't understand why DJT making fun of a reporter with CP was wrong, I told him he couldn't understand it, because he had voted for DJT, and he had lost the capacity to really understand why such behavior was wrong and it was just sad, he was such a nice boy...

I hope he is terribly offended, Trump voters can get so offended on their own behalf but can not understand why anyone else can get offended on their own behalf. Soulless creatures one and all. Proto-Nazis.

It made him mad when I kept going back to Trump being a Russian plant, so I went back to that over and over and over. Because he is, a Russian plant. That made him uncomfortable. I also told him the coal jobs aren't coming back and I thanked him for his part in the ruination of America.

Don't fuck with me when I'm tired. I'm mean.

And I am tired! I did not have to go to the vets Wednesday, I was wrong on the appointment day, I was so relieved!  its Thursday, which is better. It's going to be bitter cold and I'm planning on not walking the dog anyway. Tonight, to spare trips outside Thursday (when I am going to change into my PJs as soon as I come home  from the vet with the kitties and then curl up with the dog under an electric blanket in front of the TV for the rest of the evening and admire my tree), I went to Target and picked up Rockets pills and and bought two half priced sweaters because they were half priced! and more birds for my tree.

And then I came home and was a bitch to a Trumper.

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